"The Koteewi Sport & Target Archery Center is a World Class archery destination"...

      It's a place where people  come to discover the ancient art of archery, train to compete, prepare for a hunt, and spend  time with family. "

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tony Girt-

                                                                                     Koteewi Range Manager

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The Koteewi Range Pro Shop offers a wide selection of bows, arrows, and archery accessories to fit any budget, and our friendly, professional staff will set-up and equip you to achieve all your archery goals!  

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Professional Set-up & Service on ALL  Brands                   

30 Target 3D Range

Archery Clubs & Teams

     The Koteewi Sport & Target Archery Center is home to several archery clubs and archery teams. Professional and Recreational!

     The Koteewi Archery Club, The Koteewi Bow Hunter's Club, The Koteewi Traditional Archery Club, The Koteewi Wolf Pack (our local S3DA archery team), The Hamilton Co. USA Archery Team, The Koteewi Archery JOAD Program, The Backwater Legacie's All American Archery Team, and their Elite Archery Team all call Koteewi Range their home and headquarters.

     These teams all work very hard to celebrate and promote their sport here; and at competitions across the globe.  These teams are a wealth of knowledge and experience and we truly appreciate the fellowship, inspiration, knowledge, competition, and FUN that they bring to the range.  


​11909 Koteewi Dr. Noblesville IN 46060

Koteewi Range has switched to our winter store hours. Closed M-W. OPEN Thurs-Sun. 10 AM to 7 PM. Also, don't forgrt...a Koteewi Range gift certificate makes a great stocking stuffer!!!

We Do Awesome Birthday Parties!!! Just ask the INDY MoM's! Pkgs. Start at just $125.00 (6 kids/2 hrs.) We can handle up to 20 participants and can customize any experience...Catering is also available for an additional cost. 

90 Meters

4,000 Sq. FT. Archery  Pro Shop!

Current Business  Hours

                       10:00 AM to 7:00 PM


         Over 800 Acres of archery fun and 8 miles of nature trails.

                       Important Updates:

-Our 3-D Range is now closed until mid. March.

-Come in Now!!! and check out the NEW 2018 Mathews Triax.  Special Savings on pre-orders Now thru January 12th.

-Feb. 19 We will host a seminar about bowhunting Africa. It's not as expensive as you think.  Some will win a FREE Safari at this event. 

-We will be closed Feb. 22-25 to attend the Indiana Deer, Turkey, & Waterfowl expo @ the IN State Fairgrounds.  Come on down for great savings and great deals!

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   5 Special Purpose Ranges​...Were built to meet the needs of any archer or archery     discipline.  Range #1 Is our 30 yd., 16 lane, Covered, Site-In Range which is ADA accessible. Range #2 Is     commonly referred to as our "Family Fun Zone" and consists of a variety of 3-D animals set at varying      unmarked distances.  Dinosaurs, Zombies, Giant Snakes, and Frogs, as well as the (mythical) Giant Jack-      O-Lope all call this range home. Ranges 3 & 4 are multi-use ranges that were built to host field archery           tournaments and Olympic archery trials.  Theses ranges can accommodate up to 96 shooters at a time,         from a covered shooting line.  Theses Ranges are currently set withy (20) X5, AWT Targets, with easy           arrow pull cores; that offer archers shots at distances from 5 yds. to almost 100 yds. (90 meters) and             finally... Range #5 Is our 3-D or Bowhunter's Trail.  This 1/2 mile loop trail can be set for up to 40 targets on   individual pull & return shooting lanes, and offers shots out to 50 yards; on targets representing North           American Big Game animals and more.

  Special Ranges & Novelty Ranges...Do to our immense size we sometimes         offer additional temporary range areas. These ranges are only set for a specific event or time frame.               Examples of our temporary ranges include: the Extreme Hunter's Range, Aerial Target Range,                       Exhibition/Novelty Range, Clout Range (archery golf), and the Motion Target Range. 

  Championships & Tournaments...

  Koteewi Sport & Target Archery Center is also a frequent host for several State and National level archery     tournaments and championships Including the International Bowhunter's Organization (IBO), Archery             Shooter's Assoc. (ASA), Regions, N.F.A.A., S3DA, and many traditional archery events.