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4 Special Purpose Ranges... Were built to meet the needs of any archer or archery discipline.

Range #1

16 Covered outdoor lanes out to 30 yds, what is commonly referred to as our "Family Fun Zone" and consists of a variety of 3-D animals set at varying unmarked distances. Dinosaurs, Zombies, Giant Snake, and Frags, ass well as the (mythical antlerless) Giant Jack-O_Lope all call this range home. 

Range #2

Is  a multi-use range that was built to host field archery tournaments and Olympic archery trials. Theses ranges can accommodate up to 96 shooters at a time from a covered shooting line outdoors. Theses ranges are currently set with (20)x5, AWT Targets, with easy arrow pull & return shooting lanes, and offers shots our to 50 yards; on targets representing North American Big Game animals and more.

Special Ranges & Novelty Ranges...

Do to our immense size we sometimes offer additional temporary range areas. These ranges are only set for a specific event or time frame. 

Championship & Tournaments

Koteewi Sport & Target Archery Center is also a frequent host for several State and National level archery tournaments and championships including the International Bowhunter's Organization(IBO), Archery Shooter's Assoc. (ASA), Regions, N.F.A.A., S3DA, and many traditional archery events.

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"The Koteewi Sport & Target Archery Center is a World Class archery destination... It's a place where people come to discover the ancient art of archery, train to compete, prepare for a hunt, and spend time with family."

                      Tony Girt - Koteewi Range Master

Important Dates/ Updates

6/29/2019 3-D State Tournament

Ranges are open for public use during all events!!!

Sanctioned events take place on separate competition ranges.

Welcome to Koteewi Archery Range

4/06/2019 Outdoor Target State Tournament

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SCHEDULE of Events!!

​Days We will be Closed 2019

​February 21- 24(Deer& Turkey Expo)

March 19 (Good Friday)

​March 20-22 (Easter)

Koteewi Range Winter Hours!!

Starting November 23 - April 1

We will be open Thursday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday

We will open at 10AM and close at 7PM


11909 Koteewi Dr Noblesville, IN 46060


10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Thursday - Sunday

Please check the week of for holiday hours.


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