NOTE: Ranges are open for public use during all events!!! Sanctioned events take place on seperate competition ranges. 

May:                  3rd   3-D League Event #6

                        10th   3-D League Event #7

                        12th   ASA State Qualifier 

                        17th   3-D League Event #8

                        24th   3-D League Event #9

                        31st   3-D League  Event #10 (final)...Awards awarded

June:               7-8 State S3DA Target Championship

July:                13th Thru Sept. 26 Range 3 will be set up with (30) 3-D targets for Western Practice (Shots from 10-70 yds.

                         with quartering shots $20.00 an hour. You may shoot multiple times at each target. *** NO Broadheads or

                         Mechanical Broadhead practice points or you buy the target!!!.

August:            17-19  Trad. State Championship (3-D)***Traditional Archery Equipment ONLY!

                         23rd  Start of Fall 3-D League (6 weeks)                                       $15.00 per event/$80.00 Series (Prepay) 

                         30th  3-D League Event #2

September:      6th   3-D League Event #3

                          9th    Indiana Senior Games ***Archers 50 years of age or older.

                        13th   3-D League Event #4

                        15th   Target/Field Archery-American Round.  Open to all equipment classes.

                        16th   Bowhunter's Championship ***Hunting Rigs Only

                        20th   3-D League Event #5

                        27th   Final Event 3-D League...Awards awarded

                        29th   Clout Archery Tournament (Archery Golf) ***Open to all equipment classes.  

October:         13th  Koteewi Super Sale!!! (Community Event) Bring your used archery/bowhunting equipment to the range and sell or trade it with your fellow                                       archers.  $5 for an 8 foot table  or $10 for 10x10 blanket area.  ***Archery/Bowhunting related only!!!

November:     15th  Last Day (Thurs.) for all 3-D shooting!  All 3-D Ranges Closed on the Nov. 16 thru March 10th 2019. 

                       23rd  Black Friday Sales Event!!!  "Best Deals Of The YEAR" 10 AM-8PM ***It's cheaper to buy here in the long run! If your purchase a new                                             bow we will: 1.) Give you a card for 5 free hours of shooting($50 value), 2.) We will set-up your equipment correctly, and 3.) We will paper tune                                   it.  New bows are not tuned!!! 

December:     31st  Year End Clearance Sale & 2019 Pre-Release Pre-order Sale!  Get the jump on your buddies by being one of the first people get a 2019                                         model bow.  They will have to wait until mid-March!!! 


Event Descriptions and Details

Thurs. Night 3-D Leagues-Are open to all equipment classes;, but classes will be integrated into either a Pro Class, an Open Class, Hunter Class, or Traditional class.   Archer's will meet inside the range between 5:30-6:00 PM, pay their entry fees of $15 p.p. ,per event, or pre-pay a discounted fee of $125 for the 10 week tournament.  Then archers will be placed into their shooting groups.  The competition will take place on our (30) target 3-D trail and will use the standard IBO scoring, and rules. Archers will shoot for a cumulative 10 week score; and archer's in the Top 3 spots in each equipment class will receive awards. The top archer's in each class will compete for some great prizes, in a champions shoot-off at a later date.  Date to be determined. Scores will re-start at -0- for the shootoff.  You may make up for a Max of 2 missed shoots by calling 317-776-8427 and making an appointment to make them up.  


 Koteewi Range

​                 Sport and Target Archery Center 

2018 Schedule of events